All About Bathtastic Bubbles

Bathtastic Bubbles is a family run business, we hand make everything and we attend many events. We pride ourselves on customer service. If you don't see what you are looking for no worries drop me a message and I will see what I can do.

Bathtastic Bubbles is a family run business, I hand make everything myself and my husband and I attend lots of events in and around the whole of the northeast. I aim to provide you with the best bath bombs and soaps at an extremely reasonable price. I started off selling bath bombs handmade but bought in, I kept having problems with my skin and chemicals irritating my hands they were red raw with handling bath bombs and soaps, I decided to make them myself and see if I could make soaps and bath bombs for normal and sensitive skin people. I never in a million years thought I could use my products but I can and after years of soap irritating my skin I can now use soap and bath bombs. I only use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. The secret to making these is using myself as a lab rat as such if anything stings my skin they wont be in my bath bombs or soaps. I have such an amazing response on my bath bombs and soaps please check out our facebook page for reviews. I have added some below for you to see also.

I can make anything you like from any scented bath bomb to bath bomb Birthday cakes. We are still fairly new at social media and website so please bear with me on all of this.

What our customers are saying

"highly recommended! my children have sensitive skin so we don't normally go for bath bombs however I was assured by the lady selling them that they are perfect for sensitive skin and they did not disappoint. my daughter bought a unicorn box which was complete with a glittering unicorn bath bomb, unicorn glitter soap and a very cute wish bottle. we tried the soap which had an amazing smell and also made a unicorn wish which is done by pouring glitter on to the bath water which my daughter loved! overall i would highly recommend the products especially to those with sensitive skin! will certainly be ordering again"

By Facebook user Sarah

Bathtastic Bubbles would like to thank all of their customers for all of their support and custom and I hope I continue to deal with all you lovely people again.

Love Bathtastic Bubbles