Urgent message all orders will be put on hold until the 16th April due to self isolation.

Here at Bathtastic Bubbles we specialise in making our bath bombs for sensitive skin, I use myself as a guinea pig due to my very sensitive skin so our bath bombs are vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly due to the biodegradable wrap we use on all of our bath bombs and soaps. We pride ourselves on our customer service as everything is made in house and if there is anything you need we can make this up for you whether it's a Harry Potter themed bath bomb or a frog themed bath bomb I am always wanting to experiment. Our Bath Bombs not only fizz if you run your tap fast our bath bombs create lots of bubbles as well as a creamy texture. I look forward to you trying one of our bath bombs!

We would like to say a big thank you for everyone who has bought from us this year. I hope in years to come I continue to have such amazing customers old and new supporting me through this new adventure of mine. Bathtastic Bubbles Family would love to help you relax during these very difficult times, Lockdown is hard for us all, I am extremely lucky my workshop is attached to my house and I work on my own. Unfortunately for most people this isn't the case stress will be amongst us all and I have always said to my Husband I just need a good bath a nice soak to block out whatever is happening in the world. I will soon be releasing some aromatherapy bath bombs just for the mind and for people who find it hard to sleep at night.

We are a small business and I am here to help my email and messenger is always open for anyone who needs a chat xx

Luxury Handmade Bath Bombs. Made with the finest ingredients just for the finest customers!!

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Handmade Soap that's not only vegan free, cruelty free it's also made for delicate sensitive skin!!

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